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Are you ready to start learning all about 3D modeling, video game design, website development, etc.? Well it just so happens we’re ready to teach you just that. Brain Poof is dedicated towards providing college level material to its members. We make sure that the courses we provide are easy to follow along with so that anyone can use them. You’ve come to the right place, virtually…

News and Announcements

  • Nightasy -> Model Poof -> Brain Poof Merger

    Model Poof and Nightasy Move to a New Site and have now found their home on! Nightasy first started his Skyrim tutorial series on and then moved the tutorials to in anticipation of a wider range of tutorial content. During the site rewrite, it was decided to move these sites to as the name would more closely reflect […]
  • Maya 2015 Tutorials Have Begun

    Maya 2015 Tutorials Have Begun

    A new video section titled Maya 2015 Getting Started has been added to the tutorials section. Maya is the industry standard 3D package for video game development. The Maya 2015 tutorials section is being designed to assist anyone interested in learning the Maya 3D package. As videos are developed for this section they will be […]
  • Studio Quality Normal Mapping Series Added

    Studio Quality Normal Maps Series Added

    Videos 64 – Studio Normal Series Setting Up the Mesh, Polygon Tools through 71 – Studio Normal Series Quality Normal in Action, Female Automorph Script of the Skyrim tutorials cover an advanced method of developing normal maps for Skyrim using 3D Studio Max and ZBrush. These videos provide step by step instructions which layout the process of […]
  • Skyrim Armor Tutorial Section Added

    Skyrim Armor Tutorials Section Added

    A Skyrim armor tutorials section has been added to the site. Skyrim is an excellent game designed to allow players to add their own meshes and content into it’s engine. The complex process is covered through our tutorials in such a manner that it can even be followed by a complete beginner. What better way […]